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Welcome to the new Page Telegram: Simple and Sweet RAW-HTML Relaunch of site and services.
Bringing the sparkle of the old into the 21st century...

Page Telegram Photo Hire Page Telegram to write your letters, poems, disputes and grievances either by the use of a Hermes Rocket Typewriter or the use in a line numbered electronic PDF. We also have experience doing and following up on FOIA requests.

We also offer delivery options of all forms of our written words on your behalf in the immediate Chicago area (this service resumes in 2019.)

In 2019: Providing Notary services and facilitating remote 'wet' signatures from the use of your smart phone.
(Logo: Typed on a Hermes

Price Chart:
Letters, Poems, Disputes and FOIA requests,
Typewritten: Verbatim/Creative
$20/$40 page.
Electronic:  Verbatim/Creative $15/$30 page.

Delivery (up to two attempts; left at door at second attempt or by request)
Hand Delivery Within Chicago: $30 (Delivery service resumes starting in 2019)
Snail mail with wax seal: $10 (without wax seal $5)
Fax: (included)
Email: (Included)

Contact info:
order (at) pagetelegram.com (followup in 1-3 days)
[PGP] - Soon
Fax this [order form] to 202-559-6255 (followup in 1-3 days)
(Voice Mail): 202-630-0433 (Delayed Response, Unknown Followup Time)

[Examples Page]

Due to persistent history of hack attacks on my hosted sites, this website will be left a simple static website.
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