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Page Telegram Labs consist of programs developed by Page Telegram for the new generation of OS/2 users as well as some DOS and Win32/64 Users. The current version of OS/2 is [ArcaOS], however you may find antiquated versions of OS/2 Warp on abandonware sites. OS/2 is Page Telegram’s preferred operating environment. The system is utilitarian, efficient, solid and will never dial home. Plus it is Page Telegram’s recommended system for your child. Get them using OS/2 before they get subdued to the common bloat of today’s operating system environments. You will also find some programs here for Win32/64 environments.

DoorKing Script Writer 1.0, Released May 2018

This program is for DoorKing users, to help them facilitate the programming of their DoorKing door access computer through manual entry on the unit it self. You perform the tasks you want and a script will be generated to program … Continue reading

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DataCurse V. 2.0 Released in April 2018.

[Download] DataCurse is a database access program that will also clean up the text in old database files that used non-alpha characters and make the file into a basic CSV file. The program also allows search queries into the database … Continue reading

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Wordzie V. 2.0 Released in April 2018.

[Download] This program searches dictionary databases for words that match query with missing letters. Databases used are public domain, you can put any database of words or fake words to use with the *.txt extension.

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SAMdbr 1.0 created 2015

[Download] This program administers MySQL database fixes after the database has crashed using SAM Broadcaster. Useful for Radio Stations to have this program fix on hand. Requires administrative privileges.

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Marque 2.0/1.0, Released: April 2018.

Download: [32/64bit] / 16bit (1.0)] Marque is a program developed for anyone that is looking for a basic text marque scroll that is also Chromakey green…useful for patching into a live chroma key function for output to a TV.

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Guitar Tuner V1.0, Released: August 2017.

[Download] Guitar Tuner is a program developed to help folks tune their guitar to standard tuning. Program also features distortion mode as well as a full music keyboard with CAPS LOCK on with wave form scope. This is a Win32/64 … Continue reading

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SoundKey v1.0, Released: August 2017.

[Download] [Win32/64] Soundkey is a program developed for children and tinkers in mind. A very simple text based interface allows your child to explore sounds by keys and store them for retrieval. It is great fun for learning letters and … Continue reading

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