DoorKing Script Writer 1.0, Released May 2018

This program is for DoorKing users, to help them facilitate the programming of their DoorKing door access computer through manual entry on the unit it self. You perform the tasks you want and a script will be generated to program those tasks on the DoorKing unit. This may not work on all DoorKing models. Version 1.0 of this program works on a specific board model that may not apply your unit. Future version will be programmable what codes do what, however the sequencing is the same across all models as far as I know. We are also looking for a hardware modem to have a future version of this program that optionally calls and programs your unit over the phone. That version would require a hardware modem and since most modems produced in last 25+ years are soft modems, this may not be a viable option.

Download [doorking script writer] for Win32/64.




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