* DOS *

“Hand me that Floppy!”

Hire Jason to setup, maintain and program your DOS setup to fit your needs!

Hire Jason to setup, maintain and program your DOS setup to fit your needs!

Hire our abandonware techy Jason Page to setup, maintain and instruct on your use of DOS in a productive way. At $15/hr he can have your system setup the way you want it with the functions you need in the distraction-free DOS environment.

Are you distraught and inundated by multipurpose multi-tasking platforms? Are you sick of popups and updates? Do you just want to boot and get straight to work? You can with DOS! Either have it and all your work on a bootable USB thumb drive or have Jason setup your old laptop or system to boot directly to DOS with the only the functions you want. Then migrate your work to modern platforms when the files are ready.

We at Page Telegram are also sick of the new way of computing and want to also go back to when applications worked as expected and as designed, with no progress bars, hour-glasses and cursor waits.

Also hire Jason to write custom DOS software.

Email Jason @ jsp [@] pagetelegram.com (remove spaces and brackets)

DOS, short for Disk Operating System, was adopted from QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) by Microsoft in contract with IBM to develop their x86 command line platform. DOS is a task switching capable operating system that can run on all x86 platforms natively and under other architectures under emulation. There are other versions of DOS available either Open Source or Abandonware, including but not limited to MS-DOS, DR-DOS and FreeDOS.

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