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Examples here is of work actually done through Page Telegram:
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Result: Customer happy.


Result: Positive response from doctor.
Result: Person got closure with their job.
Result: Process began for client to be moved in a better community.

Result: Client now receives their weekly bus passes.

Disputes & Grievances:

Result: eBay accepted taking the financial burden from the shady transaction. Required communication through their Twitter account.
Result: BlackBerry (RIM) responded with a server fix the next day this notice was faxed to them.
Result: Guest at shelter is given consideration for their lack in communication abilities to address concerns appropriately.

Result: Defendant was refunded the ticket amount by the city.
Result: Sprint bartered with client. Account cannot go to collections and case is still ongoing.

FOIA Requests:

Result: Election logs released. Soon to be published at benfordbench.org
Result: Court order to subpoena private camera footage.
Result: All court documents and footage released.

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