Mental Hospital Survival Guide, 3rd Edition

Mental Hospital Survival Guide, 3rd Edition: How to Protect Yourself and Others from Abuse:

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I wrote this from my personal to help others navigate their psychosis and most effectively get their needs met while in the Mental Hospital while countering any type of abuse.

The third edition includes chapters on safety measures and teaches the ropes with nursing homes / halfway houses and other options.

This book is ideal for a loved one who has an onset of paranoid schizophrenia as the book is written from the perspective of someone with schizophrenia. Some of the information is limited to the scope of systems in the United States, however there is much crossover in what is expected from hospitals in other places as well.

Review by Dr. John Sonnenberg:
This is a wonderful book for anyone who has been in a psychiatric hospital, is concerned about what they might encounter in a psychiatric hospital, or has loved ones who have been in a psychiatric hospital. Additionally, clinicians and staff who work with patients who are in, or commonly enter, psychiatric hospitals, will benefit from the insights provided by the author, Jason Page.



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