DataCurse V. 2.0 Released in April 2018.


DataCurse is a database access program that will also clean up the text in old database files that used non-alpha characters and make the file into a basic CSV file. The program also allows search queries into the database file.

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Wordzie V. 2.0 Released in April 2018.


This program searches dictionary databases for words that match query with missing letters. Databases used are public domain, you can put any database of words or fake words to use with the *.txt extension.

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SAMdbr 1.0 created 2015


This program administers MySQL database fixes after the database has crashed using SAM Broadcaster. Useful for Radio Stations to have this program fix on hand. Requires administrative privileges.

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Marque 2.0/1.0, Released: April 2018.

Download: [32/64bit] / 16bit (1.0)]

Marque is a program developed for anyone that is looking for a basic text marque scroll that is also Chromakey green…useful for patching into a live chroma key function for output to a TV.

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Guitar Tuner V1.0, Released: August 2017.


Guitar Tuner is a program developed to help folks tune their guitar to standard tuning. Program also features distortion mode as well as a full music keyboard with CAPS LOCK on with wave form scope. This is a Win32/64 binary. This program will not work in OS/2 without Odin installed.

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SoundKey v1.0, Released: August 2017.

[Download] [Win32/64]

Soundkey is a program developed for children and tinkers in mind. A very simple text based interface allows your child to explore sounds by keys and store them for retrieval. It is great fun for learning letters and also a great tool for fidgets. Runs on OS/2 32bit environment or 16bit MS-DOS. Use second download link for Win32/64 ver.
{Please, if you find any of these programs useful – Consider Donating from [HERE], either leave the page open to let us use your computer to Mine Crypto-Currency or use the paypal link from the page.}

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Wisdom Note #003-2: Re: Death Penalty for Dealers

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Wisdom Note 003-1: Eye for a Cheek

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Mental Hospital Survival Guide, 3rd Edition

Mental Hospital Survival Guide, 3rd Edition: How to Protect Yourself and Others from Abuse:

Available on Amazon [here]

I wrote this from my personal to help others navigate their psychosis and most effectively get their needs met while in the Mental Hospital while countering any type of abuse.

The third edition includes chapters on safety measures and teaches the ropes with nursing homes / halfway houses and other options.

This book is ideal for a loved one who has an onset of paranoid schizophrenia as the book is written from the perspective of someone with schizophrenia. Some of the information is limited to the scope of systems in the United States, however there is much crossover in what is expected from hospitals in other places as well.

Review by Dr. John Sonnenberg:
This is a wonderful book for anyone who has been in a psychiatric hospital, is concerned about what they might encounter in a psychiatric hospital, or has loved ones who have been in a psychiatric hospital. Additionally, clinicians and staff who work with patients who are in, or commonly enter, psychiatric hospitals, will benefit from the insights provided by the author, Jason Page.

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The Book of Chill

The Book of Chill is the founding text for The Church of the House of Chill. The premise of The Church of The House of Chill shall be in the open and public sphere for anyone else to adopt in their own group or establishment of which the following three pillars shall be maintained:

1) You are not to judge yourself or others.

2) You are not to impose an idea, belief or will unto others.

3) You are to maintain chill. It is through these three main pillars that lay the foundation for The Church of the House of Chill in these ways:

1)The Church is a place in your heart not to judge.

2) The House like anyone’s house welcomes guests and whereful such welcome preludes no intent to impose oneself.

3) That such Church and House when combined creates the atmosphere that is conducive to chill.

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