Oliver Type 9 Typewriter Donated…

To a good cause, made in Chicago during pre-depression era typewriter, the Oliver Type 9 has been donated to Childhood Fractured in Lakeview, Chicago where it will be a functional display item that will be available for visitors to leave anonymously anything they wish to share with other visitors.

The space at 1432 W. Irving Park was donated to Childhood Fractured, NFP in 2018 by the original space owner of Asado Coffee House, Jeff L. where the same coffee is roasted daily at 420 degrees and brewed slowly, drip over method.

Coffee is free and donations are accepted towards the cause of Childhood Fractured, it’s aim to end childhood sexual abuse.

The organization also serves tea and offers free classes.

Visit their site for more information at: https://www.childhoodfractured.com/



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