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Dr. Nothing is inspired by the authenticity and realism of spontaneity and chance. Our concept of imperfection is near to Nothing’s concept of perfection. To Nothing, the common notion of perfection is riddled with control, something that Nothing is amenity opposed. Let it and let be is the mission behind every typed letter. Uneven spaces, incomplete inked letters and occasional corrections of letters on top of letters is a positive quality of imperfection and uniqueness that Nothing holds dear to his heart. Nothing’s notion of perfection is the beauty inherent in an uncontrolled dynamic system of unpredictability while holding the utmost faith in the system’s flow of mutually positive¬† synchronism.

Dennis is a free spirited, modest and spiritual gentleman that grew up with a passion for fighting evil through music. If you see a local music act in Chicago chances are good Dennis knows them. He has been booking musicians in Chicago since the 1960s. Check out his group Electric Medicine if you get a chance.

Phil Peterson is punctual, understanding and very outgoing. He volunteers his time in lobby efforts and organizing for Illinois NORML and he serves as minister for the OpenSource Temple. He will delight your loved one with his modest and honest earnesty and quick wit.

Photo by David Rinker (2012)

Sid Yiddish is an acclaimed performance artist out of Evanston who is known for his group ‘Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen.’ He has been on WGN Radio, America’s Got Talent, The Mancow Show and countless news articles across the Chicago spectrum. He also does performance art in the local Zappa inspired group Flabby Hoffman. In fact Sid Yiddish even interviewed Frank Zappa when he was a journalist in 1989. He is currently working on his master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Media and Arts at Columbia College in Chicago and has been taught the art of throat singing at the Old Town School of Folk Music.¬† He is honest, forth going and understanding.

Illustration of Bill and his significant other

Bill Turck is an author on whistleblower topics and is the prior station manager at Q4 Community Radio. His recognized qualities include honesty, persistence and courage.

Chris M as a child with his mother.

Chris M as a child with his mother.

There is very little you will find about Chris publicly. He likes to keep his life private and prefers to operate behind the scenes.

He is a loving kind hearted and blunt person. He is also very sensitive and protects himself by remaining anonymous.

He is an experienced bike messenger and has been a messenger for several companies in the past.

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