Re: Health Care Bill to Senate #1









Date: May 4 2017

Jason S. Page
4743 N Lawler
Chicago IL 60630
312-885-9865 (voice)
202-559-6255 (fax)

US State Representatives

CC: Rachel, NAMI Chicago

Subject: Concerning the upcoming health care bill

I wrote to all State Representatives just before the first incarnation of the bill was introduced into the house. As that bill did not pass, I am hopeful that you will take concern to the effects of the current incarnation of the current bill in respect to many cases such as my own, and vote against it.

I am a surviving person with schizophrenia, living independently and volunteering my time in community organizations. I depend on Medicaid for the medications necessary for my stability and ability to function in society. I ask you kindly to please consider voting against the new health care bill as it short-sights what is working in our communities already.

It would be more costly, and subject to unsightly abuses, my degradation of character if the result of such reduction or removal of Medicaid means that I need to be institutionalized.

Please feel free to read my two books on the subjects of Mental Health: 1) Mental Hospital Survival Guide 2) Stories of Psychosis, Compassion and Conspiracy at

You can read the latest editions of each book respectively:

Thank you for your consideration,
Jason S. Page



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