Re: Health Care Bill to Senate #2

Dear Senator:

While you debate the conditions and plausible outcome in the new Health Care Bill, please consider the following:

I am living with paranoid schizophrenia. I understand that under the current bill I will remain on Medicaid. Thank you. If at any point this becomes something to argue, consider that:

1a. Without continued treatment:
I will wander homeless, like so many do because of treatment incomplaince; and thus like I, insufficient to survive because of emotional instability I would perish.
1b. With continued treatment:
I will continue to be productive in the arts and thought, volunteer in community organizations and help others get through what I have been through.

2a. Without support of hospitalizations:
I will loose insight into my illness and proceed to 1a.
2b. With support of hospitalizations:
I will become stabilized if such duration of hospitalizations is sufficient to baseline stability and will be successful if outpatient aftercare and self compliance is assured.

3a. Without support of nursing homes:
In such case I have no place to return then I will succumb to 1a.
3b, With support of nursing homes:
As I have successfully moved on from two different nursing home stays, I have successfully demonstrated that those with schizophrenia can live independent and productive lives. With that said, the way nursing homes profit creates an incentive to continue housing patients even when they can be deemed able and safe to live on their own.
3c. If nursing homes are replaced with state institutions:
Then I would hope that self conservation and the pursuit of liberty and happiness is instilled, not at the perception of the institution but at the point of view of the patient. And that such institutionalization is not the result of lack of resources to provide respondent to survive independently however based on a continued lack of baseline stability and survivability / self-care factors.

4. For those who lack compliance in their treatment:
I would hope that once they regain insight into their illness that their acceptance of treatment should never be met with complications and Medicaid denials. This would be a step to start and alleviate stressors preventing those mentally ill to recover from the homeless state.

5. Schizophrenia generally strikes those just as they become an adult. I am concerned for the millennials and future generations that Medicaid caps would prevent supporting their needs and they too would contribute to the homeless population (1a).

6. There is a fine line between insanity and brilliance. Those with mental illness and especially schizophrenia tend to have insights about our world that few others grasp. It would be to the benefit of humanity to preserve the respect for the individuality and freedom of those who struggle and have struggled with mental illness. Schizophrenia does not own me; it does not own my ability to ponder great questions. History has demonstrated that many of the great minds of our time have struggled with severe mental illness. We should be respected like anyone else, and for our achievements and not necessarily subjugated to the view that mental illness causes us to do evil– that is a popular stigma built through fear propagation of mainstream media news reports of evil doers framed as mentally ill. The majority of us have a kind heart and a deep intuition and curiosity about the world around us and in us.

Jason S. Page



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