Re: HR2646 … Thank You Letter

May 8 2017

Subject: Support of HR2646: Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

Dear Tim Murphy and Senate Members:

I would like to commend you, Tim Murphy for sponsoring the bill HR2646 as it addresses the sensitive matter of Severe Mental Illness in situations of anosognosia with respect to caregiver involvement.

I was an unofficial caregiver of […] for over a year while he had his apartment in Uptown Chicago. Paranoid that his apartment was bugged and people were after him and his knowledge and research, he destroyed all of his work and anything that he thought was bugged and ended up homeless. He walked for three and a half months to California, originally destination according to an officer in TN to break into Area 51 to be with his extraterrestrial family. I was involved in diverting him from that delusional task. He is currently under delusion that he can care for his needs when he is clearly deteriorating and getting more delusional.

I alerted his ACT team early on and they did not take anything seriously until it was too late….2 months too late infact by the time I got a call from […] case manager.

His father paid my ticket for a friend and I to visit him because […] mentioned to me a week prior his wish to spend his life with me (that seemed to be a moment of clarity after he had told me he had not eaten for three days. I told him to get something to eat and he did.) Prior to the visit he was wanting to see us on an account of a mother of another schizophrenic son who took care of […] needs for a day; an encounter I helped setup with […]. He had plastic fake shoes on that caused his feet to swell with blisters and his skin all white due to lack of oxygen. He had not combed his hair in months and she bought him all his favorite self care items including scissors and a razor to shave his beard. When we got to California we soon learned that […] was avoiding us, on the account of police in response to his suicidal thoughts on Facebook, that he thought we were sent by his family to murder him.

He is still in California around Wilshire area and frequents the Memorial Branch Library. We have Antqaun from Broken Hearts Ministries reach out to him a week ago and he told Antqaun that he did not want help from anyone and said he thought his friends were trying to help too much. […] thinks he will create a machine that creates stuff from nothing, publish books on that and make a living. He suffers from severe delusions and struggles with voices that become his mental battle ground. […] is extremely intelligent and with the right treatment I could see him accomplishing his goals. I’v even coached him on some ideas of an apparatus to create something from nothing. He has since broken in to several facilities, the McCormick center and a BP plant in Indiana thinking he was finding a manual on materializating machines.

You are welcome to read my book “For Speedy” on how all this happened to gain support for your bill in re-conciliating insight on a real story.

Sincerely hope this bill you sponsored gets passed by the Senate and signed,

Jason S. Page
4748 N. Lawler
Chicago IL 60630


I have also struggled with schizophrenia and a bit of what […] has gone through…much the reason why we relate well and gave my support. I am one example of a success story that proper treatment works.

You may also like to read my book on “Mental Hospital Survival Guide” at:

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