Ending sequence of “Man of the Century” (1999) before which the mob tied politician get’s arrested from an unplanned and synchronous series of visitors to the house party. In this scene all the characters are dancing or producing music, including the criminals.

Republic is an initiative of Page Telegram to offer delivery of telegrams to the door steps of your public constituents. We ask that all telegrams are respectful to your public official. We do not tolerate and will void all orders containing libel, threats and any demeanor of character including ad-hominems. We will use discretion in accordance to principles of respect. Public officials include however are not limited to judges, legislators, police officers, candidates, teachers, trustees, board members of an organization or company, current or former boss and any other class of an official representative of you or the public interest.

Because of the uncertainty of a public official being at home we charge $100 for the delivery charge to cover costs associated with multiple attempts. Total cost with the letter typed is $120. Snail mail of telegram is still just $30.

For FOIA requests and letters of concern/discernment we have a $50 package deal that gets message faxed (when applicable), wax sealed certified mailed and emailed.

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