Letters to Officials

5) Letters to public officials or your constituent (ie letter to legislators or letter in your application to department University or Career.)
( ) Letters ghost written are $30 plus $15 for each additional page.
( ) Letters re-written are $20 plus $10 for each additional page.

Please indicate on the order form any economic hardship for consideration of a reduced rate. Please include in that how much you are willing to pay. Free service consideration is only offered for hardship cases concerning Page Telegram services related to Republic orders only.

Delivery: we can fax, wax seal/secure seal USPS, electronic encrypted delivery and hand deliver.
( ) Wax Seal and Mailed (Page Telegram Emblem) is $10 standard USPS
( ) Secure Seal and Mailed is $5 standard USPS
( ) Fax is $5 for first page and $1 per additional page
( ) PGP encryption document sent (call for details) is $5 per message w/ PDF attachments.
( ) Hand delivery within Chicago limits is $50 which includes three free delivery attempts. $10 charge for each additional delivery attempt.
( ) Hand delivery in Illinois outside of Chicago limits is $75 plus $5 for every two miles outside that limit to cover cost of gas and time (Only one delivery attempt. If recipient unavailable we will call you to discuss alternate options such as where to leave letter.)


– Additional charges apply for expedited mail. Please call to inquire. However please note that we do not specialize in expedited services.


* – Design of the Page Telegram logo includes a keyhole lock shaped like a butterfly. This design indicates that such letter when written in candor will open up the receiver’s heart to you. While the ink stamp includes the words “Page Telegram” the wax seal includes only the logo by itself.


All letters written are proofed by originating sender before letters are sent, either by email, MMS text or in person.


By default all letters are type written on a Hermes Rocket typewriter, made in Switzerland. Upon request we can typewrite documents on the Chicago made Oliver Typewriter. However please be aware that there is a shifting consistency issue in the Oliver’s carriage return where lines will not accurately line up. It is with our hope as a startup business that we can rectify this issue soon.


Any messages that allude to or are specific to any criminal activity, included but not limited to slander, extortion, trafficking, illegal trade or other illegal activity will be denied service. Please bare in mind that all services through Page Telegram are to remain in candor and with good faith/intent.

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