Page Telegram with it's new Herms Rocket Typewriter

Page Telegram’s Dr. Nothing with the new Hermes Rocket Typewriter

Page Telegram was formed with a group of creative friends that wanted to bring back the old essence of a hand made hand delivered message. The inspiration for this idea came from a scene in the independent B/W 1999 film Man of the Century where the main character, trapped in the culture of the 1920s in modern times, sends a telegram to someone he loves.

Jason Page, the founder of this group searched for an antique typewriter that fit the sentimental spirit of a telegram service and found the Switzerland made Hermes Rocket Typewriter.

Previously we used exclusively the Oliver Type 9 Typewriter (Made in Chicago) which has recently been de-comissioned in 2018 and donated to Childhood Fractured, an organization established with the aim to end childhood sexual abuse.

The Oliver Typewriter was the first visible print typewriter where the action came down from above which made it ideal for carbon copy. The company was very successful up until the first depression, afterwhich a British company bought the rights to use the name. This type 9 is an original in circa ~1912-1920. The inventor, Thomas Oliver, after leaving his position as a Methodist minister, founded the company in 1888. His design is based on a hand made version made of metal scraps he used as a minister.

The original Oliver typewriters were made in Page Telegram’s home city, Chicago. The Oliver plaque is still displayed on the building of the original headquarters, 159 N. Dearborn St.

Here is a short video of its’ introduction into the organization’s space:

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