Time-Stamps of 48th Ward Control Variable In-Election for Fraud Analysis (pending per lawsuit)…

The CBEC finally released some data: all pre-election audit logs that contain only the testing and maintenance leading up to Election Day: [offer1]

We have determined the findings of digital forensic admissibility with pre-election audits to be not admissible as we have determined would inevitably fail admissibility tests, so much we are confined that:

It implies from the cover letter that the CBEC maybe willing to provide us the complete audit logs if we can provide some evidence of admissibility in our methods.

However contrary to a predicted negative admissibility I would argue that the nature of beta testing and setup of ballot machine audit logs is of an entirely different nature than the chaotic (non random) occurrence of ballot casts, in that the former is from command (control/ Man nature) and the latter is through serendipitous (non-controlled) occurrence (God nature.)



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